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Product Description

The SBTEVO-G2 was designed in conjunction with CZ-USA and conceptualized from the ground up as a Pistol Stabilizing Brace®. With an arm cuff based on the SB-Mini™, the SBTEVO-G2 features a right side-folding, polymer strut attached to a lightweight housing with an integral QD socket. The SBTEVO-G2 is the second generation of the SBTEVO™ for the CZ Scorpion and gives you all of the advantages of a pistol with improved control by adding an additional point of contact for stabilization.

Fits all generations of the CZ Scorpion including the new CZ Scorpion 3+. 

Features Specifications
  • Integral side-folding adapter for the CZ Scorpion
  • QD Sling Socket
  • Arm cuff based on the SB-Mini
  • Complete assembly, ready-to-install
  • Proudly made in the USA
Product Includes
  • CZ Scorpion Folding Adapter
  • SBT-G2 Brace
  • Adjustable Nylon Strap
SBTEVO-G2™ Specifications
  • CZ Scorpion 3+, CZ Scorpion Evo
  • 9.5"
  • 9.1 oz
  • 1.4"
  • 1.0"
  • Black