Our Partners


SB Tactical® is proud to partner with some of the world’s top firearms brands to deliver our innovative Pistol Stabilizing Braces® to the firearms community.

  • Q, LLC.

  • Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc.

  • Noveske, LLC.

  • Palmetto State Armory

  • TRIARC Systems, LLC.

  • CZ-USA

  • B&T USA

  • Black Collar Arms

  • Maxim Defense Industries

  • CMMG, Inc.

  • Aero Precision

  • LWRC International

  • Patriot Ordnance Factory, Inc.

  • Rifle Dynamics

  • Zev Technologies, Inc.

  • Angstadt Arms

  • Bravo Company USA, Inc.

  • Black Rain Ordinance, Inc.

  • Daniel Defense, Inc.

  • FN America, LLC.


  • Kalashnikov USA

  • Kriss USA

  • IWI US, Inc.

  • Meridian Defense Corp.

  • Black Aces Tactical

  • Primary Weapons Systems

  • New Frontier Armory

  • Springfield Armory, Inc.

  • TNW Firearms

  • Remington Arms Company, LLC.

  • FosTecH, Inc.

  • Dark Storm Industries, LLC.

  • Diamondback Firearms

  • Rock River Arms, Inc.

  • Radian Weapons

  • Seekins Precision

  • Adams Arms, Inc.

  • Lantac USA, LLC.

  • Lewis Machine & Tool Company

  • Zastava Arms USA

  • Wilson Combat

  • Zenith Firearms

  • Windham Weaponry, Inc.

  • BCI Defense, Inc.

  • American Defense Manufacturing, LLC.


  • Alexander Arms

  • Centurion Arms

  • American Resistance Gear

  • Falkor Defense

  • Quarter Circle 10

  • Phase5 Weapon Systems, Inc.

Distributors & Retailers

As the market for our game-changing Pistol Stabilizing Braces® continues to expand, SB Tactical™ is proud to partner with the following Distributors and Retailers to provide the firearms community with our cutting-edge PDW pistol accessories.


  • Orion Wholesale

  • Kroll International, LLC.

  • Crow Shooting Supply

  • Chattanooga Shooting Supplies

  • Big Rock Sports

  • Tactical Gear Distributors

  • RSR

  • Sports South

  • Zanders Sporting Goods

  • 2nd Amendment Wholesale

  • DSG Arms

  • MGE

  • Palmetto State Armory

  • AmChar

  • Bill Hicks & Co.


  • Rainier Arms

  • Joe Bob Outfitters

  • Cheaper Than Dirt

  • Primary Arms

  • Atlantic Firearms

  • Brownells

  • HK Parts

  • Midway USA

  • Optics Planet

  • Prepper Gun Shop

  • The Range at Austin

Dealer Rep Groups

For dealers interested in stocking our innovative, in-demand Pistol Stabilizing Braces®, please contact the Dealer Rep Group below.  If your territory is not currently covered by one of our Dealer Rep Group, please contact SB Tactical directly.

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Our innovative Pistol Stabilizing Braces® and accessories have revitalized the PDW pistol market and established a thriving PDW Pistol category. U.S.-made. BATFE-approved.
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